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Native American Consultants for Film, Television and Media

We Are Experienced Native American Film and Television Consultants

We are a team of highly experienced Native American film and television consultants known as Native Media Strategies (NMS).

Our extensive background in production support, combined with our well-established relationships within tribal, cultural, and media communities, allows us to authenticate and enhance your production.

At NMS, we specialize in providing entertainment professionals with our expertise on Native American and Indigenous cultural issues, characters, and stories. Our inclusive strategies ensure that your project is culturally respectful and inclusive.

Collaborating closely with entertainment professionals, NMS acts as a partner in creating effective and impactful entertainment outcomes. Our goal is to assist clients in crafting authentic and engaging media experiences.

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Elevating the authentic presentation of Indigenous people in the mass media.

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Real testimonials, from real people like you

Joely’s background in Public relations and marketing ensures a positive roll out of your production in regards to the native community. If you have a story line that involves native characters, you would be far ahead to engage Joely early on to ensure robust acceptance in the native community. Avoid the twitter attacks!

Her depth of knowledge, valuable connections in the native community and ability to solve problems on the run ensure your production can focus on results. Her input helps create a deeper more inclusive story line regarding the native characters.

Dr. Proudfit is fantastic to work with. Bright, organized and well connected.

Joely is one of those rare consulting producers that makes your job so much easier. She solves your problems before you know they are your problems! Enlist her early in your development stage to guarantee a smooth inclusive process.

Joely has created a meaningful artist focused series of indigenous film festivals that are engaging, inclusive and well attended. Her event production capabilities extend to a multiple array of platforms. If you want to put on an event to showcase native culture and/or media elements, Joely is your go to person.

Dr. Joely Proudfit

(Luiseño/Payomkowishum, Tongva)

Founder of Native Media Strategies LLC, promoting authentic American Indian representation throughout the film industry.

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Native Media Strategies LLC

418 Montezuma Ave, Suite 14
Santa Fe, NM 87501

P: 650-255-2860